8 Perennials for Long Lasting Color

Springtime is known for flowers and blooms and landscapes that are full of color. However, many blooms last only for a short time and then you are left with mostly greenery and leaves. While green foliage is still beautiful, wouldn’t it be nice to have color in your yard throughout the year?

The good news is that there are many types of perennials that bloom throughout the spring, summer and fall. The trick is choosing those that bloom at different times of the year and planting bloomers for each season.

Long-Time Bloomers

Here is a short list of 8 perennials for long lasting color that bloom for a while in Virginia Beach, although there are many more. Not only are the blooms beautiful to the eye they are essential for pollinators who depend on blooming flowers throughout the year. Pollinators help our plants reproduce which is essential to our ecosystem. These same plants provide us with food on our tables in the form of fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. They also provide us with supplies such as oils, fibers and raw materials. Consider adding some long blooming perennials to your landscape or garden this year.

Autumn Joy Stonecrop

  • Blooms late summer through fall
  • Full sun but will tolerate some shade
  • Well drained soil since it is susceptible to rot
  • Divide in spring or fall to control spread
  • 24″ tall


  • Blooms through summer and fall
  • Full sun but will tolerate afternoon shade
  • Average, well drained soil
  • Divide every 3-4 years
  • 36″ tall

Black Eyed Susan

  • Blooms June – September
  • Full sun to partial sun
  • Prefer fertile soil although they can tolerate tough conditions
  • 1 – 3′ tall
  • Spread easily so best to divide every 3-4 years


  • Blooms June – August or later depending on the variety
  • Full sun but tolerates afternoon shade in hotter climates
  • Average well drained soil
  • 12 – 16″ tall
  • Divide clumps once they reach 2′ in diameter

Ice Plant

  • Blooms most of summer and fall
  • Full sun but tolerates some shade
  • Well drained soil
  • 3 – 6″ tall
  • Spreads quickly so divide when necessary

Russian Sage

  • Blooms late spring until fall
  • Full sun
  • Well drained soil
  • 3 – 5′ tall
  • Divide clumps every 4 – 6 years

Shasta Daisy

  • Blooms early spring to late fall
  • Light shade
  • Well drained soil
  • Grows a few inches up to 3′ tall depending on the variety
  • Divide clumps every 2 – 3 years


  • Blooms late spring to early summer through fall
  • Full sun
  • Well drained soil
  • Grows 2 – 4′ tall
  • Divide every 3 – 5 years

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