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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Composting

There are many reasons why you should start composting if you haven’t already. Composting is a way to recycle and reuse organic waste that you would normally throw away. Creating compost is easy and free! It’s a cycle that nature has perfected and performed for billions of years. We should all learn from the ways … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Composting

overwintering mums

Can You Overwinter Mums?

Chrysanthemums, known as mums for short, come in a variety of rich, saturated colors and are a sure sign that autumn has arrived. They’re available in just about every shade of the rainbow, don’t mind a little cold, and usually start blooming when the rest of your garden is looking tired and wilted. Even better, … Continue reading Can You Overwinter Mums?

5 Fall Decorating Ideas

Today, we’ve put together 5 ideas to help you start brainstorming how you will decorate your porch this fall. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to put together a beautiful display in front of your house to celebrate fall!

Plant A Fall Garden

Planting a fall garden is a great way to continue harvesting fresh vegetables throughout the colder months, and there are actually quite a few plants that prefer cooler weather. Before you plant a fall garden, always look up the first frost date for your area. Click this link and type in your zip code to … Continue reading Plant A Fall Garden

stages of growing Cannabis

Stages of Growing Cannabis

Starting with gaining a general understanding of the stages of growing Cannabis is a great place to begin before you try growing for the first time.

8 perennials for long lasting colore

8 Perennials for Long Lasting Color

Springtime is known for flowers and blooms and landscapes that are full of color. However, many blooms last only for a short time and then you are left with mostly greenery and leaves. While green foliage is still beautiful, wouldn’t it be nice to have color in your yard throughout the year? The good news … Continue reading 8 Perennials for Long Lasting Color


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