Bulk Materials

Delivery Available!

Delivery fees are based on city.

  • Virginia Beach: $75
  • Norfolk: $85
  • Portsmouth: $95
  • Suffolk $125
  • Most of Chesapeake: $85
  • Western Branch/ Deep Creek: $95

Minimum for Delivery: 3 cubic yards
ALL deliveries to driveways or hard surfaces only. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Natural Shredded Hardwood Mulch $35/yard

Dyed Black Mulch $35/yard

Grey #57 Stone $115/Yard


Mushroom Compost $54/yard

Pine Straw $9.99/bale

Dyed Dark Brown Mulch

Grey #8 Stone $115/Yard

Washed Masonry Sand $75/yard

Leaf Compost $45/yard

Wheat Straw $8.25/bale



Dyed Chestnut Mulch

Tan Pea Gravel $225/yard

Concrete Paver Sand $115/yard

Fill Dirt

1-3″ Chalet

Jack Frost Blend

(50% topsoil + 50% leaf compost)

Dyed Red

Crush n Run $85/yard

Tan #57

Fill Sand

4-8″ Chalet

Jack Frost Blend

(50% topsoil + 50% mushroom compost)

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