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For many homeowners, having one of the nicer lawns in the neighborhood can be a major point of pride. Let’s talk about how hardscaping can help elevate the appearance of your lawn and garden to the next level. Let us help you out with your hardscaping in Virginia Beach.

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Jack Frost provides superior hardscaping in Virginia Beach.

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars
Fireplaces and Pits
Seating Walls
Retaining Walls
Water Features
Paver Walkways and Driveways
Archway, Trellis, and Arbor Installation
& Much More!

Design, Installation, and Repair

Hardscaping refers to structures designed to fit within a landscape design.

Hardscape can be used to both beautify and define different areas within your yard. A patio is the social area nearest to the house while a garden wall can indicate the end of an area to show off plants and bushes. Pavers or a walkway help a visitor get to the different areas of your yard.

Many experts say it’s a good idea to have hardscaping elements as the anchor of a design for a yard.

If you have a large, open yard, you can use hardscaping to create private pockets and bowers without interfering with the expansive view that you like. Low retaining walls, grottoes, and raised planting beds can isolate little sections of land to use for times when you want to be alone.

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