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KleenUp Grass & Weed Killer kills all unwanted weeds and grasses. Great for preparing flowerbeds, vegetable and ornamental garden sites, renovating lawns and for multipurpose weed control. Can reseed 7 days after treatment. Visible results in 7 days. Complete, “to-the-root” control in 2 – 4 weeks. One quart treats 6,300 sq. ft.

I want to renovate my garden and install a new flower bed. How can I do this and be able to plant in the same season?

We recommend using Bonide’s KleenUp Grass & Weed Killer.  This is a non-selective systemic herbicide that will kill everything it is applied to and will allow you to plant in one week.

Weeds keep coming through the cracks in my driveway and sidewalk. What can I use to kill the weeds that won’t harm or stain my driveway or sidewalk?

To kill these weeds, use a non-selective weed control product such as Bonide’s KleenUp or Burnout.

How long should I wait after applying KleenUp 41% Concentrate before planting grass seed?

One week (7 days), remove dead vegetation first for best results.

How long must I wait before planting vegetables or fruit garden after applying KleenUp Concentrate?

Many are listed on the label. If not listed on the label, wait 30 days. Remove dead vegetation first for best results.

What should the temperature be when I apply KleenUp concentrate?

At least 60 degrees.  Best results are when it is sunny.

How much time before it rains do I need to apply KleenUp concentrate?

At least 24 hours.

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