We screen our own topsoil! Great for filling in low-areas in the yard, landscape overhauls, and amending garden beds.

Price per cubic yard
Available in 1/2 yard increments

1 cubic yard will fill about 1 standard pick-up truck bed and cover 320 sq ft. at 1″ depth, 162 sq ft at 2″ depth, or 108 sq ft at 3″ depth.

Notice: We do not cover our topsoil pile, so it is exposed to the elements (rain, wind). Our soil is all local, which means it naturally has a clay content. The topsoil will clump after it rains, but those clumps will start to break down over time. We try to screen often to eliminate as many clumps as possible. We ask that you come by and take a look at the pile to see what the soil looks like yourself. Thank you for your understanding!

Check out our topsoil blends with either mushroom or leaf compost!

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