Bulk Materials

We have high-quality soils, compost, stone and sand in bulk. These products are sold by the cubic yard and are available for pick-up or delivery.

Two ways to get your bulk materials:

  1. Call us to schedule a delivery (next day delivery available in some cases)
  2. Stop by with your open bed pickup truck or trailer, order the amount you want at the front counter in the Garden Center, then drive to the back to get loaded. NOTE: trucks can get scratched and dirty while loading materials. Our expert machine operators do their best to load carefully but we are not responsible for any damages.

For planting, we offer two types of blended material called Jack Frost Blend. This is comprised of either 50% leaf or mushroom compost and 50% topsoil. We also offer a full mushroom compost that should be mixed with soil before using.

Delivery Available!

  • Virginia Beach: $75
  • Norfolk: $85
  • Portsmouth: $95
  • Suffolk $125
  • Most of Chesapeake: $85
  • Western Branch/ Deep Creek: $95

Minimum for Delivery: 3 cubic yards
ALL deliveries to driveways or hard surfaces only. NO EXCEPTIONS!
There will be a $50 processiong fee on delivery cancellations.

Natural Shredded Hardwood Mulch $35/yard

Dyed Black Mulch $35/yard

Grey #57 Stone $115/Yard


Mushroom Compost $54/yard


Pine Straw $9.99/bale

Dyed Dark Brown Mulch

Grey #8 Stone $115/Yard

Washed Masonry Sand $75/yard

Leaf Compost $45/yard

Wheat Straw $8.25/bale



Dyed Chestnut Mulch

Tan Pea Gravel $225/yard

Concrete Paver Sand $115/yard

Fill Dirt

1-3″ Chalet

Jack Frost Blend

(50% topsoil + 50% leaf compost)

Dyed Red

Crush n Run $85/yard

Tan #57

Fill Sand

4-8″ Chalet

Jack Frost Blend

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