Jack Frost Landscaping in Virginia Beach is Ready to Help Transform Your Uninspired Exterior Space Into a Lush Green Paradise

30% Off Trees & Shrubs


Do you realize just how much we have in life that we have plants to thank for??

Virginia Beach seeding and sodding
The Grass of your dreams
Green, Lush Grass
Late summer/early fall brings cooler weather, plenty of rainfall, warm grounds, and less active weeds - making it the perfect time for seeding & sodding.
Virginia Beach lawn aeration
Get your Lawn Fall-Ready
Treat Compacted Soil
Right now is the best time to aerate your lawn.
Schedule an estimate for aeration with our expert team.
Sandbags for Sale Virginia Beach hurricane
Visit our garden center to purchase sandbags
It's hurricane season, and you should prepare your home BEFORE the storm hits.
Guard your family and home from flooding.
$5.50 PER BAG
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Leave the Work for Our Team

Don’t add undue stress to your busy day or break your back over landscape, garden, or yard maintenance.

We’re here to provide the most reliable, detailed, and beautiful landscaping services to our clients without ever sacrificing safety or efficiency. 

“Beauty is in the details.”

– David Dubinksy (Founder & CEO)

For Residential & Commercial Spaces In and Around Virginia Beach


To begin planning your project, we start with a one-on-one meeting between you and one of our expert landscape designers. We will discuss your vision and needs, and with your help, decide which concepts are most suitable for your property.

After the meeting, we’ll provide you with professional landscape plans and presentations, such as photo-based designs, plan drawings, and 3D-walkthroughs. We work with public agencies to provide clients with the most sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing design concepts for landscape installations in Virginia Beach. 


Lawn Care (Mowing, Edging, Weed Control)
Aeration & Re-seeding
Sod Installation
Fertilization and Lime Applications
Seasonal Flowers
Plant & Tree Replacement
Bare Spot Restoration
Snow Removal


We are committed to creating a seamless transition from bare ground to lush green environments for architects, business and homeowners, general contractors, and developers. As soon as your design is intact, our experts and professionals will take your project on, and work with you every step of the way to produce a unique area just for you.

Servicing both public and private entities, our team of skilled landscape contractors in Virginia Beach approaches every project with unmatched efficiency and attention to detail. We have the capability, resources, and experience to construct landscapes of virtually any size and complexity.

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