5 Fall Decorating Ideas

We have officially entered the autumn season, and as sad as I am to say goodbye to my summer beach days, I sure am excited for fall. Bring on the cooler weather, chunky sweaters, apple cider, football, and hanging around a bonfire. Another thing I love about the change in seasons is the opportunity to redecorate my front porch. I love looking up fall decorating ideas on Pinterest and taking bits and pieces of my favorites (go follow us if you haven’t already)!

Today, I’ve put together our own list. Here’s 5 fall decorating ideas to help you start brainstorming how you will decorate your porch this fall. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to put together a beautiful display in front of your house to celebrate fall!

1. Incorporate straw

I love the rustic vibe that straw gives to a display. They’re great to use as a stacking element. Place your pumpkins and flowers on top of straw bales to add height to a display. They’re also a great option for seating.

And it’s rather inexpensive – we sell wheat straw bales for $8.25 each and pine straw bales for $9.99.

Added Bonus: When you’re done with them for the season, you can break them up and apply the straw as a mulch layer on your vegetable or flower garden. As mulch, it will help insulate the roots as the temperatures drop and keep moisture from evaporating. Overtime, it will break down and release nutrients into the soil, making your plants very happy.

You can read more about why it’s important to mulch here.
Worried about mulching with pine straw? Read this!

2. Layer Up

Jack Frost Garden Center front entrance - Fall Decorating Ideas

We need layers in fall and so does your front porch! Adding layers will make your display look full and cohesive. Think about building from the back to the front. Add larger items like corn stalks and fountain grass towards the back, then add smaller items towards the front. Use the straw as a surface to stack pumpkins and plants on top of, as mentioned above. Make sure to think about the textures and colors you’re using as you layer the display.

3. Use pumpkins

Fall Decorating Ideas - pumpkins, straw, mums, corn stalks

The pumpkin. Aaaahhh, a true staple of the fall season. I don’t think any of us think of autumn without visions of pumpkin-spiced everything dancing in our heads.

Not just good for carving and eating…
Buy your pumpkins early in the season to use as decoration first. Then, you can re-purpose them for carving and eating later! Add a few around your front door or sprinkle them among your existing flower beds.

Try to play around with the sizes of the pumpkins. Stagger larger carving pumpkins with cute baby-sized ones. Paint or carve them to add a personalized touch, or stay on the traditional side with the standard orange.

4. Add fall annuals and other plants

fall annuals for Fall Decorating Ideas
Top left: Yellow Mums. Bottom left: Orange Mums. Right: Pink Snapdragons, Yellow Mums, Dusty Miller

Plants are sure to liven up any display, and there are so many beautiful fall annuals to choose from. Choose your favorites or mix them all! It’s up to you!

Some of our favorite fall annuals include Snapdragons, Mums, and Dusty Millers.

Mix in some fun perennials too! Fountain grasses add fun texture that contrasts nicely with the bold flowers of mums and snapdragons.

5. Corn stalks make a great accent piece

Corn stalks, pumpkins, and mums for Fall Decorating Ideas

I love corn stalks because they add natural texture to a display and added height as well. They are great for framing either side of a front door and tying onto columns. It completely transforms the blank wall into an autumn wonderland!

No matter what you do, get creative and have fun with it!

You can stop by our garden center for more fall decorating ideas and inspiration.

Thanks for reading & happy fall y’all!

Authored by Katie Plummer , Jack Frost Director of Marketing and Communications

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