DIY Tomato Cage Tree

Today, we’re going to be teaching you how to make a DIY Tomato Cage Tree.

DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree
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This is a really simple process and you only need a few supplies to transform your standard tomato cage into a DIY tomato cage tree! These would be great out or indoors for holiday decoration. We used our’s as decorative trees inside our garden center! We wanted more trees around the shop to help decorate, but we didn’t want to go out and buy any. We really love that we got to repurpose what we already had on hand to make something we really wanted!

We made a few different sized trees using small, medium, and large-sized tomato cages.
Faux garland is great for making these because they have a built-in wire that helps when securing it to the tomato cage. Feel free to use fresh greenery, but you will also need some florist wire or something of the like to help secure it in place.

We love a good DIY, especially one that lets you reuse what you already own! Wrap up those leftover tomato cages from summer with some faux garland you probably already own to create a magical holiday creation! When the season is over, the garland is easily removable and you have your tomato cage back to stake up your veggies once summer rolls back around.

  1. Prepare the Tomato Cage

    If using a reused tomato cage, wipe off any dirt and debris from the metal so you'll have a clean surface to start with.

  2. Turn the Tomato Cage upside down.

    Flip over the tomato cage so that the circular top is at the base. This will be the bottom of your “tree.”

  3. Bend the stakes inward to create a cone shape at the top.

    The stakes of the cage that would normally go into the ground when used as a tomato cage will become the top of the “tree”. Bend them in towards one another to create a cone shape.

  4. Take one end of a piece of garland and begin to tightly twist it around the stakes we just bent inwards.

    You want to use the garland as a way to “tie” the stakes together. Use the wire end to wrap the stakes together.

  5. With the rest of the garland, wrap it around the tree.

    Every here and there, use one of the branches of the garland to wrap around the lateral sections of the cage. This will help hold the garland in place.

  6. If you have enough garland, you can wrap the garland tightly packed so that there are no gaps.

    But if you're running short on garland, like I was. You can adjust the garland up or down to evenly space it around the tree. Don't worry if there are gaps, and you think it looks nothing like a tree at this point. The fluffing of the garland and added decor makes all the difference!

  7. Secure the end of the garland to the tree by wrapping the end wire to the base of your DIY “tree” to hold it in place all-season long.

  8. Fluff the garland to fill in empty spaces and make it look more realistic.

  9. Decorate!

    Add some fun ribbon, tinsel, and your favorite ornaments! AND VOILA! You have made a DIY tomato cage tree. Perfect for indoor or outdoor decorations!

  • Tomato Cage – Choose one the size that you want your tree to be.
  • Faux Garland
  • Decorations (ribbon, ornaments, tinsel, star, pinecones, etc.)
DIY tomato cage Christmas tree

We love to see your creativity! If you make one of these, make sure to post it to Facebook or Instagram and tag us @jackfrostgardens!

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