Fall is For Planting

Authored by Mark Griffith, former Jack Frost Landscape Designer, ISA Certified Arborist MA-5032AVA, Certified Horticulturist #2232

Lancaster Farms – an awesome local plant provider!

Ok, so I borrowed that line from a friend, but the main premise is what’s important. This video explains why fall really is for planting.  Planting in Summer is the most stressful on your plants, but fall planting gives plants the head start they need to be prepared for next Spring and Summer! Fall is just around the corner so we still have plenty of time to prepare. Get out there and plant that garden you’ve been wanting! Now is the time to plant spring bulbs too.  If you plant them at different depths, they will give you blooms for weeks.  Happy Gardening!

Fall Planting Virginia Beach

Not sure where to start with your fall planting?

We’re here to help! We can show you the best fall blooms for the conditions of your yard, and we can plant them for you too! Call, send us a message, or stop by the garden center to find the perfect fall color for your yard.

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