Fire Pit Placement

Fire Pit Placement
We’ll help you order and install any NewLine Hardscapes fire pit or fireplace.

As much fun as fire pits can be, we have to remember that fires of any sort can be very dangerous. Kids can trip and fall into hot ashes and leaf litter can catch on fire, but proper placement of your fire pit can save you from a world of worry.

A fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor space. They provide an outdoor meeting ground for family and friends to gather around during fall and winter. I have great memories of being a child around the fire pit. My mom would toast the marshmallows for me to make s’mores with. I think I always managed to somehow get more of the s’more on me than in my mouth though. LOL!

Choosing the Best Place for a Fire Pit

Whether you’re deciding where to have your hardscaped fire pit installed or you’re trying to find the best place for your portable fire pit… it’s important that you place it in the safest location.

  • It’s best to put fire pits on concrete and paver surfaces.
  • Fire pits should never be placed indoors or under sheltered areas (including awnings or trees).
  • Avoid all flammable surfaces.
  • Find an open area, such as the middle of the yard.
    • This space should be 25 ft from any structures or combustible materials or 15 feet from any structures or combustible materials if it’s a portable pit.
  • Do not place fire pit directly on grass or wooden decks. Instead, put pavers/bricks in between the fire pit and grass/deck.
    • Fire pits that are left directly on grass can leave unsightly burn marks on your precious lawn, or even worse, on an extremely dry day, the grass could catch fire.
  • Choose a level, solid surface – the flatter the better. You don’t want any chance of the pit tipping over.
  • Remember, that fires are not allowed on beaches or streets in Hampton Roads.

Once you’ve got your fire pit in the perfect spot, make sure to clear away any debris from around the base. Debris includes grass clippings, twigs, and leaves, for all are combustible and can make the surface uneven.

Fire pits can provide warmth and entertainment all-evening long. And by ensuring your fire pit is in an open-space on a level, non-flammable surface, you will prevent many accidents that could occur. Proper fire pit placement will leave you with peace-of-mind to sit back and really relax.

Interested in having an estimate for a hardscaped outdoor fire pit of your very own?

Drop us a line! We’d love to help make your daydreams of outdoor entertaining a reality!

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