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Two very important dates in the gardening world are definitely the first and last frosts of the season (click here to read our post about the first frost)! The last frost date represents the beginning of the gardening season for most, while the first frost marks the end of the main gardening season. It’s important to know the frost dates in your area so you can plan your planting accordingly.

Find Your Last Frost Date

To determine the last frost date in your area, all you need to do is a quick google search. Just type in “your city last frost date”. Several websites will come up, all with varying dates. I like to look at a few of the results to compare the dates. Then, I pick the latest out of them all to base my planting schedule off of.

Find your last frost date
I’ll check several of these links to compare the frost dates of each. Then, I pick the latest date to base my gardening decisions off of.

Last Frost in Hampton Roads

Daffodils - a sign that the last frost is coming
Daffodils blooming are one of the first signs of spring!

From my research, our estimated last frost date, here in Hampton Roads, will occur no later than April 11th. It will likely be earlier, but I always go with the latest estimated frost to be on the safe side. You don’t want all your tender seeds to fail because a frost came through.

So if you live in the Hampton Roads area, for this year, 2020, you should start seeds around February 29th (whoa leap year!!) to be right on schedule. This is exactly 6 weeks before the last frost date (April 11th), which is the recommended amount of time needed to start a majority of seeds indoors. Get them started indoors 6 weeks before you plant them outside and they’re guaranteed to be established enough to transplant.

This isn’t to say that you can’t plant seeds later. This is just optimal for a longer growing/harvesting season. I mean last year, I just directly sowed all my seeds right into the ground in late May. They all germinated, and I ended up with a very successful garden still. But I had a late start on harvesting. I wasn’t able to really harvest anything until mid-July. This year, I hope to be harvesting by the beginning of June.

When are you starting your seeds? Have you done so already? Leave a comment below telling us. And stay tuned for our next post – all about how to start your seeds indoors!

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  1. I started some Beautyberry seeds outside in containers this week. Thanks for the info. It gets me started thinking about starting more seeds!

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