My Tree is Too Big

I hear it all the time, from all kinds of folks. “My tree is too big. I need to cut it back.”, or worse, “When should I top my tree? I don’t want it to get any bigger.”
My answer is “NO!” 

No, your tree didn’t get too big, it grew just the way it’s supposed to. looks like someone didn’t plan correctly…

My Tree is Too Big

Most of the time, the first consideration in the design of a neighborhood, is the QUANTITY of trees in the project. The next is often cost, so a tree, regardless of site suitability, or growth habit, often ends up in the wrong place. As a result, the poor guy encroaches on our homes, streets, and business signs, so we torture them. We cut the top out so the tree struggles the rest of it’s existence, or we cut them back as if they were boxwoods in a formal English garden.

When you see a topped tree, you can sense something isn’t right. The nice natural form is distorted, unnatural. It weakens the tree by creating water sprouts, weak limbs the tree sends out rapidly to try to recover from the shock of a hard “pruning”. Also, trees send out pheromones when stressed that attract insect pests that see a food source too weak to defend itself. This all leads to premature death.

Please be a good steward of the trees on your property. They are living breathing friends that provide so many benefits to you and your area, and they deserve respect!

Trees enhance our lives, let’s return the favor!

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