Valentine’s Day Cards for Plant Lovers

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Time to show your loved one how much you really care. I’ve made a few custom Valentine’s Day Cards for plant lovers using some of my favorite plant puns. Feel free to use them this Valentine’s Day. They’re sure to make your plant-loving friend (or lover) smile 🙂

Free Valentine’s Day Cards for Plant Lovers

Free for you to save and send or print!

Click which one you like (or all of them). It will open in a new tab, and then you can right click to save it to your device. From there you can send it electronically or print.

In need of more than just a card?

Lemme fill you in on a little secret… Your loved one doesn’t want chocolates for Valentine’s Day. What they really want is plants (and not cut ones that are just going to die)! Check out our new selection of indoor plants. They just arrived and are gorgeous!! Definitely something for everyone with all of these unique plants.

Come in and we’ll make impressing your loved one easy-peasy! We’ll help you choose the perfect plant that’s sure to make your Valentine’s heart skip a beat! From itty-bitty ones that they can watch grow to full size, to hanging baskets, bountiful blooms, and magical arrangements. You’ll win extra brownie points for bringing your Valentine something they can enjoy for years to come. They’ll always look at that plant and remember that YOU gave it to them!

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